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I Know What Happens to

Unattended Properties...

Don't Let It Be Your Home.

Before moving to Neskowin as full time residents, our home was a vacation rental for several years. However, it was not getting the consistent attention needed. Storm damage, unattended issues became larger problems. Mold, pests and rodents all take their toll on a dwelling left to the elements. Neighbors were often the ones alerting us to problems, and we'd have to find solutions quickly - often having to drive out from the city for unplanned visits to fix issues. Our investment was becoming a burden, and the time we wanted to spend enjoying our home and the beautiful area was often spent in repairs and maintenance instead.

We needed a reliable source to keep an eye out for our home without having to put that responsibility, and frankly, the liability on well meaning friends and neighbors. That's why I started OCHW. I want to provide you with the option of having your home watched on a regular basis, and to give you a point of contact that is just minutes away from your home.


Don't leave your investment to chance. Your friends, neighbors and even your insurance agent will thank you for partnering with us.


I'm confident I can be of service

to you in helping protect your

valuable investment here on the

beautiful Oregon Coast!

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